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  • Top 20 Factors Contributing to Employee Engagement

    top 20Employee engagement is low… how do we fix it?

    That’s really the bottom line question everyone is asking, right?

    Gallup continues to report that only 32.5% of all U.S. employees are “engaged” at work, which means that the vast majority of employees are disengaged. That’s a success rate that would be unacceptable in any other department. If companies saw Customer Satisfaction levels at only 32.5% or Sales teams at 32.5% of quota, there would be all-hands meetings to get to the bottom of the low numbers and develop strategies for a rapid turnaround.

    But employee engagement levels have been hanging at this dismally low level for years, and orchestrating a rapid turnaround of these numbers does not take on the same urgency as low customer satisfaction or sales numbers.

    Why is that?

    Are we settling for these low numbers?

    Or do we just have no clue what to do about them?

    Maybe it’s time for a new approach, says Deloitte’s Josh Bersin.

    It’s all about making work irresistible.

    He asks, “How can we create an organization in today’s work environment that is magnetic and attractive, creates a high level of performance and passion, and continuously monitors problems that need to be fixed?”

    Deloitte’s research has shown that there are twenty factors that work together to make organizations irresistible (and thereby contribute to higher employee engagement):

    1. Autonomy
    2. Select to fit
    3. Small, empowered teams
    4. Time for slack
    5. Clear, transparent goals
    6. Coaching
    7. Invest in management development
    8. Modern performance management
    9. Flexible work environment
    10. Humanistic workplace
    11. Culture of recognition
    12. Inclusive, diverse work environment
    13. Training and support on the job
    14. Facilitated talent mobility
    15. Self-directed dynamic team learning
    16. High-impact learning culture
    17. Mission and purpose
    18. Continuous investment in people
    19. Transparency and honesty
    20. Inspiration

    It’s time to start thinking of employees as customers, and if we want their initial business (come work us!) and their repeat business (keep working for us!), we need to focus on providing a product ( work environment) that is impossible for them to resist. Engaged employees will be the by-product of the creation of simply irresistible workplace.

    Will it be easy? Heck, no!

    Will it be worth it? All day long.



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