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  • THAT Kind of Job Doesn’t Exist!

    love my job Do you have a job where you feel valued as a person and not just an employee? Do you feel that your employer understands that both your physical and team environments are important to your overall job satisfaction?

    I was at breakfast recently and had a chance encounter with a cashier who felt that jobs like that simply did not exist. We had a brief exchange as she was ringing up my order about  the book I was carrying with me – it was was called The Best Place to Work – The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace, and it was written by Ron Friedman.  She was curious what it was about, and I mentioned those few things as examples of what makes workplaces extraordinary.

    She told me that jobs like that didn’t exist, and that if I ever found one of them to let her know.

    The exchange made me think, and I ended up writing a post about it on LinkedIn. To read more about it, go to the full LinkedIn article here.