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Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile


Work of Leaders Create a Vision.

Build Alignment for the Vision.

Champion Execution for the Vision.

How do the leaders in your organization approach these fundamental areas of leadership?

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders helps leaders at all levels understand their personal leadership styles and gain self-awareness in key areas that will help them achieve better outcomes as leaders.

Each leadership profile consists of a 23-page highly personalized report, which highlights the following:

  • Your Individual Leadership Style
  • Priorities Shaping Your Leadership Experience
  • Placement on 18 Behavioral Continua (Based on leadership best practices under the Vision | Alignment | Execution framework)
  • Context-specific feedback for improving leadership effectiveness

Leaders will have access to unlimited comparison reports for others in the organization with DiSC profiles and will benefit from tangible steps that they can take to become better leaders.