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Go ROWE Online Training

go rowe onlineThe Results Only Work Environment (ROWE™) system was created by former Best Buy HR Executives and now current CEO’s of CultureRx Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson. The concept is based on building ultimate flexibility in the workplace while at the same time ensuring a collective focus on results. Organizations using the ROWE system are well-positioned to:

  • Retain good employees from different generations
  • Effectively engage and manage the Millennials
  • Approach talent acquisition activities in much more creative ways
  • Start setting measurable objectives tied to the bottom line

Flexibility / remote work have become key drivers in attracting and retaining top talent in many organizations. In order to ensure that these types of arrangements are mutually beneficial for both the employee and employer, expectations must be properly set and agreed upon by all parties. The ROWE system provides the guidelines / framework for having these types of conversations. If your company is considering remote/ flexible work arrangements for one or many employees, the ROWE principles can help set standards for performance management and ensure that both employee engagement and productivity remain high.

If you are interested in learning more about ROWE environments, you can begin learning more with the  Go ROWE Online System,  a set of five online e-courses with associated discussion guides.  The complete online system will:

  1. Train your team to operate successfully with ultimate flexibility in the workplace, driven by clear and measurable goals and expectations.
  2. Show you how to reduce ineffective practices and typical time-wasters.
  3. Ensure you retain your best employees.
  4. Give you the solid foundation you need to effectively manage Millennials.
  5. Get your team focused on contemporary communication and collaboration techniques that are efficient and effective, anchored in customer needs and measurable results.

If you would like to have on-site training or facilitation of a Go ROWE workshop, in addition to or instead of the online modules, please contact us to learn more.