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JMM RECRUITWe are an authorized distributor for Job Market Maker, an innovative HR Technology / Talent Analytics software company based in Charleston, SC. The cloud-based talent acquisition software simplifies the recruiting process from beginning to end, all while increasing application completion rates, improving communication among recruiters and hiring managers, and reducing time spent posting jobs and screening applicants. Here are some highlights:

  • Increased Number of Applications Completed: Designed from the ground up with the candidate in mind, the JMM Recruiting platform allows candidates to complete applications quickly and easily, from either their desktops or mobile devices.
  • Distribute Job Postings to Multiple Job Boards Easily: Build your job description and requirements once within the JMM platform, and post to over 2000 job boards from one centralized place.
  • Built In Competency Models: What’s in a job? The JMM Recruit platform includes over 2000 job competency models, which list the desired competencies and skills for a given role. Completely customizable, recruiters and hiring managers can review these competencies together and add or adjust proficiency levels / certifications as necessary. “Nice to have” skills can be differentiated from “must have” skills, helping recruiters to better screen candidates.
  • Assessment / Matching Technology: The days of sifting through stacks or files of resumes trying to find the needle in the haystack can be over! The JMM Recruit platform assesses candidates on multiple levels and identifies, in ranked order, the best potential matches for your position.
  • Applicant Tracking System: Companies receive an unlimited number of licenses with the JMM Recruit platform, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to track the applicant’s status, compare notes, and assign Next Steps within the system. Improve the candidate experience as well by using built-in status updates to notify candidates of where they stand in the process.
  • Analytics and Reports: Gain valuable insight into your process through our analytics dashboard. Available reports include: Active Job Openings, Hiring Manager Workload, Recruiting Status, Candidate Conversion Rates, Job Requirements, Job Template Mapping, Hiring Efficiency, and EEOC Reporting.