Recruiting, Assessment & Training Solutions

Coaches and Consultants

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As a coach or consultant, you work with clients to help them achieve greater success in a given area. In determining an action plan for achieving their goals, you must develop a thorough understanding of your client’s abilities, personality, and interests. We can provide the assessment solutions that will help you gather that much-needed information in an easy, straightforward, and cost-effective way.

Career Coaches: Begin your coaching engagement with a Pathway Planner assessment.  We’ll help you measure your client’s cognitive abilities, behavioral tendencies, and areas of occupational interest and then provide an in-depth report with career possibilities that match their profiles.

Sales Coaches: Sales roles are different in every organization. To effectively coach sales reps towards improved performance, you must first understand what makes the existing top performers so successful. Once you know this, you can develop coaching plans to help the others improve. We can help you develop plans for assessing entire sales teams, identifying the characteristics that separate the top and bottom performers, and developing action plans to address areas for training and improvement.

Business/ Executive / Leadership Coaches: If you’re working with high-potential managers or executives, you must help them to be fully aware of their own strengths and weaknesses  – not just from an objective standpoint but from the perspectives of those around them as well. We have a number of assessment tools that will help you to gain insight on your clients’ abilities, personalities, preferences, and management styles. We can help you develop comprehensive assessment plans that will help you in developing personalized coaching plans for these types of clients.