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  • The LOVE Mondays Formula

    Love MondayTGIM – Thank God It’s Monday!

    Yeah, right… that’s not a thing, is it?

    Ryan Houmand, author of the book A Passion for Mondayacknowledges that it’s not. Based on the latest employee engagement polls, he says that seven out of ten workers hate Mondays. But he thinks he knows both why and what to do about it. His LOVE formula addresses four things that people can do to build a passion for Mondays in place of the usual dread.

    But first.. Why do they hate Mondays?

    Bottom line, they’re not working in their areas of greatest strength. Some make the mistake of trying to be good at everything instead of ending up being really great at something. Others end up fixating on their weaknesses, which is another side of the same coin. “When we fixate on our weaknesses,” he says, “we can’t focus on our strengths.” When this happens, eventually we start waking up on Mondays and saying, “I hate Monday because I’m trying to be something I’m not.”

    So how does he suggest that people turn this attitude around and start to LOVE Mondays? Here’s his formula:

    • LEARN all about your personal strengths so you can do what you do best everyday.
    • OBSERVE people who are famously successful at what they do. You’ll find they play to their strengths almost to the exclusion of their weaknesses.
    • VISUALIZE yourself out in that future state where you are famously successful at what you do.
    • ENERGIZE yourself by getting started. Houmand says, “People who work in the zone of their strengths have more energy at the end of Monday than they do on Monday morning – and that’s a pretty cool thing.”

    More energy at the end of Monday than at the beginning of Monday?

    Wouldn’t you just LOVE that?!


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