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  • Hiring Assessments: Beta Testing Opportunity Now Available

    beta testing We love to help companies hire the right people for the right jobs in their organizations. We know the impact that having the right – or wrong – people on your team can have, and we’re committed to helping hiring managers make the best possible decisions about who to bring on board.

    One of the best selection and development tools that we have recommended over the years has been the ProfileXT. It’s one of the world’s leading assessment tools for pre-employment screening, job matching, and applicant selection. More than “just” a personality assessment, it measures a person’s cognitive abilities / thinking styles, behavioral tendencies, and occupational preferences. In other words, when we look at it from a job-fit perspective, it helps us answer the following questions about candidates:

    • CAN they do the job?
    • HOW will they do the job?
    • Do they WANT to do the job?

    Already one of the most highly validated and reliable assessment instruments on the market, the ProfileXT is being updated to feature Computer Adaptive Testing and even more robust management and development reports. Like the ProfileXT, the new PXT Select will help you measure job fit for applicants and assist with the new hire onboarding process. The assessment can be customized according to geographic location, job description, and other employee position criteria. The PXT Select will help you:

    • Save time during the hiring process
    • Create an efficient and effective hiring process
    • Select the right fit for a job
    • Avoid costly hiring mistakes
    • Increase employee satisfaction
    • Improve the new employee onboarding experience
    • Guide training and succession planning efforts


    PXT Select Beta 2 Program
    This next-generation instrument, the PXT Select, has already been through the first round of beta testing, and Wiley has incorporated the feedback into the Beta 2 version. We are actively seeking Beta 2 participants in order to solicit feedback prior to the release of the final product. Following are the details of our beta program offer:

    • Assessments will be offered at no charge to Beta 2 participants (regular price of assessments is $250 per unit)
    • Beta participants will be asked to provide feedback in the form of a 5 minute online survey + a 30 minute phone survey
    • Beta participants will select existing or potential employees to take the PXT Select online assessment, which will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete
    • Beta program will begin in late April 2016; date is still TBA. Once the beta is launched, participants will have 6 weeks to complete all assessments

    Want to Participate? 

    We have a limited number of openings available for beta participants. If you are interested in the program and have at least 50 employees in your company, please contact us and let us know. We can send more information about the program once we hear from you!