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  • Cool Employee Perks: Do They Retain as Well as They Attract?

    employee perks free beer Come work with us — you can have free beer, massages, and even tickets to Disneyland!

    These are the kinds of perks that cool companies are using to lure top talent into their organizations.

    Competition for top talent is fierce these days, and perks like these are sure to get the attention of prospective employees. Who wouldn’t want to work someplace where free massages were part of the package? (If you’re one of those employers, call me… I’m listening…)

    Are these types of perks gimmicky, or do they really work? More pointedly, do they work at just attracting, or are they effective means of retaining top employees, too?

    The answer is… it depends. I see these types of benefits as potential legitimate extensions of a company’s culture, but not as the end-all-be-all in keeping employees around for the long term.

    There’s another key “perk” that has proven quite effective in terms of employee retention, but you might not necessarily think of it in the same way that you’d think about other perks like free alcohol and massages. Want to know what it is? Check out our LinkedIn Pulse article for the perk you may have forgotten to consider: Retaining Your Top Talent – Will What Got Them There Keep Them There?